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Noise and Textures Pack 01

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Noise and Textures Pack 01

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For many of my projects, I love adding a long, non-repeating organic "noise" texture in the background.

Recently, a large storm passed through our town. I recorded the rain and thunder sounds, and proceeded to do some "sound design" processing on the results, to grow my collection of that sort of long, organic, random noise.

I decided to share some of the results here, for you to use in your projects!


What's Inside:

  • 11 "long", non-repeating noise/texture samples, and two short (12-seconds, 24-seconds) bonus samples.
  • All are 48kHz, 24-bit WAV files.
  • 5x 5-minute samples; the rest are 1 to 5-minutes long.
  • Over 41 minutes of mostly non-repeating noise and texture.
  • All are stereo, and often have at least a subtle amount of stereo movement.

File Names List:

I've tried to keep the sample duration and lots of keywords in each filename, so you can find what you need at a glance: 

  • 1m26s texas-backyard-next-to-moderate-busy-traffic-road-cars-passing-wind-outside.wav
  • 1m30s dark drone pulsing noise preset 2 C0 with vynil.wav
  • 1m sink vinyl granular noise.wav
  • 5m reverse sizzle noise rain.wav
  • 24s field foley car interior during automatic car wash water and brushes.wav
  • 12s field foley car interior during automatic car wash air dry exit.wav
  • 4m59s granular reverse rain storm delay clicks.wav
  • 5m rain sizzle digital.wav
  • 5m frozen siren machine rain digital noise.wav
  • 5m radio tuning crackle noise.wav
  • 5m ambient wind texture noise synthetic.wav
  • 3m11s wind rain geiger noise.wav
  • 3m13s tuned rain noise A 440hz.wav

This is not an album.

It's a sample pack for use by music producers.


(because I think you should see this before you buy)

Copyright 2021, Tommy George

The "Noise and Textures Pack 01" (nt01) is a collection of audio files that are *licensed* to you  for use in musical compositions and/or performances.

You may NOT resell, distribute, claim ownership or authorship of, or share the included audio files (with or without modification) outside the context of a musical composition and/or performance. Some examples of things you may not create with this sample pack:

  • A sample pack
  • A software instrument, "rack", or "preset" that you share or sell

You MAY:

  • Use these as part of a larger musical or sound design work.
  • Use these as the basis of other instruments, "racks", or "presets", that you use during the creation of a musical or sound design project.

If you aren't sure, or would like to license these audio files for expanded purposes, please get in touch!

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1 zip file containing 13 WAV files, each in 48kHz 24-bit Stereo; over 40 minutes (650MB compressed) of texture/noise sounds.

5-minute samples
3+ minute samples
1+ minute samples
Bonus short foley/field samples
Bit depth
Sample rate
659 MB