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Plastic pin-art/pinscreen toy sample pack v1

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I sampled this!

These plastic pin-art/pinscreen toys make some interesting percussive sounds! I thought it would be cool to sample it.

So I did!

This version of the "sample pack" is:

  • 115 wav files, @ 48khz
  • Recorded with a Shure SM58
  • Pretty raw, with minimal processing, cleaning, editing, or normalizing.

The mic and quick pass at "editing" give them an interesting, lo-fi percussive sound.

I've done a few experiments already, like using a "probabilistic arpeggiator" to generate pseudo-random percussion, shaker sounds, and so on. I plan to add some Ableton devices in a future version of this pack!

Hear some demos in this YouTube video:

Since this is a lo-fi, first pass at some samples, I decided to upload them as "royalty free".

I'll only allow 20 sales here on Gumroad, before I hide these forever. If I ever release these again, they will be processed, edited, and probably with a totally different mic. E.g., the same, but totally different!

License Details

You receive: A non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use the sounds in musical compositions. You may not redistribute the sounds "as-is" in any sample packs or libraries, or use them in isolation as sound effects. The sounds must be used as part of a larger musical composition. I retain all rights, title, and ownership of the sounds, and all copies thereof. You are granted only a limited right to use the sounds as described above.

As a bonus, if you use these sounds, I would VERY MUCH appreciate if you'd send me a link, or copy of whatever material you create with these sounds.

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A zip file, containing 115 unique one-shot samples from this plastic pin-art toy!

Who has these samples?
Only 20 "copies" for sale.
Royalty free.


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Plastic pin-art/pinscreen toy sample pack v1

1 rating
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