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Dadurday Sample Pack, Volume 01

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As a musician/producer and relatively new father I just couldn't help myself!

I created a sample pack based on sounds from several of my daughters toys! Most of the toys from this pack are represented in the included photo.

What's inside?

  • 124 WAV files
  • Over 33MB of content
  • Lightly processed
  • Mostly one-shots, but includes some loops
  • Sounds from a rice shaker, bells, jingles, rattles, percussion sounds from blocks and a bucket
  • 100% original sounds created/recorded by myself with professional audio equipment

This is not an album.

It's a sample pack for use by music producers to create more music.



(because I think you should see this before you buy)

Copyright 2020 Tommy George

The "Dadurday" Sample Pack (Volume 1) is a collection of audio files that are *licensed* to you (not sold), for use in musical compositions and/or performances.

You may NOT resell, distribute, claim ownership or authorship of, or share the included audio files outside the context of a musical composition and/or performance. Some examples of things you may not create with this sample pack:

- A sample pack

- A software instrument or "rack" that you share or sell

If you aren't sure, or would like to license these audio files for expanded purposes, please get in touch!

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You'll receive a link to a shared "zip file" containing a copy of the license and all of the WAV file samples.


Dadurday Sample Pack, Volume 01

0 ratings
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